"Rainbow Pears"
© Deborah Gilbert 1992

I create my unique photographs in several stages. I begin by shooting an original black and white photograph. Next, I make a silver gelatin print and sepia-tone the image. Finally, to add color, I paint directly on the surface of the photograph with oil paints, using Q-Tips to achieve the soft look. Each photograph is painted by hand and each image is my own original creation. I also work with manipulated Polaroids.

"Bobbing for Apples"
© Deborah Gilbert 1996

I exhibit my work in some of the country's best art festivals, as well as on the streets of New York City, often on 5th Avenue.




"Red, White & Blueberries"
© Deborah Gilbert 2002

My work is also available for stock and commercial useage. Please contact me for my exhibit schedule.

Deborah Gilbert

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